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CHARACTER NAME: "The Necrobot", Censere


Backtagging: By all means. I'm really sluggish between meatspace and other issues so backtagging is always welcome.
Threadhopping: Just be sure it isn't private first, please.
Fourthwalling: Well… so long as it isn't in the middle of, like, something super-serious? I guess Deadpool would be a caveat. Things are rarely serious with Deadpool.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Most things don't bother me, really. Just don't bring up bad things happening to kids. Let's avoid that one altogether and we'll be just peachy.


Hugging this character: Super-awkward. Sometimes he might give somebody one of those one-armed hugs but mostly he's not a very touchy sort of person. You can go for it but just be ready for the heavy, awkward silence and staring.
Kissing this character: See above, with bonus flustered robot.
Flirting with this character: No, yeah, still awkward. I mean he won't physically try and stop you, but he will stare blankly and/or get super flustered, depending on how blatant you are about it.
Fighting with this character: He's an unaligned neutral and a very tall weenie CSI gardener minding a memorial park to the dead, why would you fight him? You monster.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): As a Transformer, he can probably take a lot of punishment and still survive, though canon hasn't shown him getting into many fights. Please let's discuss anything major or crippling before we do it.
Killing this character: He isn't keen on dying before he's ready to, like most people really, but he's also not a fighter. He'll probably just teleport away if you try, though you can give it a shot. Either way, I'd rather we hash things out first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Okay, he has absolutely no training in stopping or blocking telepathy, so depending on how you equate Cybertronians' brain modules with organic brains, you can probably totally read his mind without much trouble. That said, he's very old, even for a Transformer, so he has many millions of years of memories and experiences you'll be diving into if you do. Also, he just doesn't like people up in his business, so you'll upset him/make him angry besides.

Warnings: He's just really sombre most of the time. He spends all day every day recording deaths and making memorials to the dead, so just be ready for him to not exactly be a chucklefest. Not that he's a wet blanket, either, he just has a really serious job and it rubs off a little. But overall he's actually a pretty nice, decent guy, so that's it.

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